About Us

This shop,

We have a dream. We want to get all the enthusiasm that we have, to design figurative fashion to exhibit our products as statement creations.

 Our design and development team invested years of research to bring the best performance   to design and produce with the highest quality and ecofriendly materials products made by you for you.

From our experience, we have learned that designing is not just only a passion, but also it has been a blessing and inspiration for our whole team.

Our products make a statement by itself for the woman who wants to feel the uniqueness from every piece of our collection. This is not business, but the mood we want to give.

We are strongly committed to fulfill our tradition in real artisanal craftsmanship using the finest materials, hand manufactured by skillful makers. Such effort enables us to achieve excellent result to our products as well as to give a bohemian chic refined effect.

Our team we will always have more to give, and we are proud to be the founders of purpledotsandals.com.

If you have any questions - please contact us, we want to make you happy with your purchase!